May 26, 2020


We are now open our regular hours:

9am - 9pm Monday - Saturday

10am - 6pm Sunday

MARCH 23, 2020


We have modified our store hours to close an hour earlier Monday - Saturday. Sunday hours remain the same. Our store ours are now:

9am - 8pm Monday - Saturday

10am - 6pm Sunday

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, our customers should know we’re going above and beyond in our efforts to provide a clean, safe shopping experience.  In order to provide some answers to pertinent question we’ve created a frequently asked questions list.  While we realize these are challenging times, we would like to assure our community that we are dedicated to providing the same exceptional quality and service we’ve been known for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps have you taken to limit risk to your customers and sales associates?
We are sanitizing our stores throughout the day wiping down surfaces and carts and heavily after closure each night including all customer and employee areas.   All in-store tastings & sampling has been canceled. Our bottle and can redemption centers and in-store handling of returns have been shut off until further notice. We are sanitizing checkout countertops and credit card pin pads and pens.

How often are you receiving deliveries?
We are receiving regular deliveries but please that quantities may be limited on certain items or out of stock on others for an undetermined period of time.    

I just ended chemo/have a disorder or are immunocompromised - when can I shop?
We have modified our store hours to close an hour earlier but we’re suggesting to customers with any of these conditions to try to find a friend or family member to shop for you while you wait in the car.  As an alternative we’re offering curbside pick-up.   See below pickup delivery section;

Do you offer pickup or delivery services?
We currently do not offer online pickup or delivery services at this time.  However, until further notice you can call the store (see locations section for contact info) and a staff member can take your order over the phone and credit card info and give you an estimated time for pick up.  When you get to the parking lot just call the store and let them know what car you are in and they will bring the order out to you.  At that point a staff member will verify age and identity via your ID and you’ll have you sign the credit card slip.  Sorry no picking up for other people or without proper ID, no exceptions.  

Are you limiting quantities?
To ensure we have enough on certain products and to minimize hoarding, certain products have a purchase limit. These items are indicated by in-store signage on the shelves and may change as circumstances evolve.

Have you changed your store hours?
We have modified our store hours to close an hour earlier Monday-Saturday.  Sunday hours remain the same.  Our store hours are now:  

9:00am-8:00pm Mon-Sat

10:00am-6:00pm Sundays

Are your sale prices still in effect?
While we’re honoring our sale prices, please note that quantities may be limited or out of stock for an undetermined period of time.  If an item is out of stock and when it comes back if it falls into another month, we may not be able to honor the previous months price due to CT State Law.   We appreciate your understanding.  

Are you accepting product returns?

At this time, we have instituted an All Sales Are Final policy.  For everyone’s safety we do not want to take any outside product back into our stores.  Please be smart about our purchases and understand these are unprecedented circumstances. 

Do you accept bottle & can returns?

For the safety of our associates and others, at this time we have suspended accepting bottles and cans in our redemption center machines and inside the store.  For a list of open redemption centers please visit the CTDEEP website.

What can our customers do to help keep the stores safe?

  • If you have reusable totebags please wash them at home before you bring them into the store.  Some states have banned reusable totebags which is not the case in CT at this time, but we ask that customers be responsible and wash them on their own. 
  • At checkout if using cash please just place it on the countertop instead of handing it directly to the cashier. 
  • Be respectful of everyone’s desire for social distancing.  Make an effort to give other customers and employees some distance while in the store. 
  • Practice common sense – For everyone’s safety, if you have a cough or are not feeling well, please do not come inside the store.  Ask a friend or family member to shop for you or use our curbside service while you wait in the car.